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A Milestone for Frashëri Law Firm I SFAI Albania

posted 8 months ago

Frashëri Law Firm has earned the “Corporate and Commercial Law Firm of the Year in Albania – 2023” award from The Lawyer Network, London, UK.

Each year, The Lawyer Network Annual Awards identifies and honours the most respected lawyers and law firms who lead the way on a global stage. Its prestigious legal awards celebrate the most successful, innovative and forward-thinking lawyers across the world. The Lawyer Network’s Annual Awards mark excellence for the world’s leading lawyers across the globe.

The Honorable Lawyer Kastriot Frashëri and Frashëri Law Firm have earned awards  for 2023 from The Lawyer Network for Corporate & Commercial Law Firm of the Year in Albania.

In a letter dated July 19, 2023, Mr. Blake Andrews, Award Manager of The Lawyer Network, London, UK, noted to Mr. Frashëri: “Over the last three months we’ve received thousands of nominations from our global network for the category winners of the 2023 Lawyer Network Annual Awards. Our nomination process asked which lawyers, law firms and advisers should be named the very best in their practice areas globally, and I’m pleased to confirm that your firm has been named winner of the following category for our 2023 awards: Corporate Law Firm of the Year in Albania – 2023”.

In London, The Lawyer Network published winners in its magazine and launched the respective trophies. The annual award of Corporate & Commercial Law Firm of the Year in Albania – 2023 highlights our firm’s due diligence and excellence in legal services. This recognition celebrates the Honorable Kastriot Frashëri’s exceptional leadership and our dedicated Frashëri Law Firm I SFAI Albania team’s relentless pursuit of innovation.

The Lawyer Network Awards honor contributors to corporate legal services and the handling of commercial matters. This achievement once again reflects the collective dedication of the Frashëri Law Firm I SFAI Albania, reinforcing our unwavering commitment. “We extend heartfelt thanks to our clients, partners and the community of SFAI Global, Luminance and Global Law Experts in the UK, who also awarded The Hon. Lawyer Kastriot Frashëri and Frashëri Law Firm a few months ago as a global attorney, giving him the position of exclusive representation of Corporate Law and Commercial Litigation in Albania – as well The Lawyer Network for this award, and for their unwavering support in driving our mission forward. Kastriot Frashëri’s leadership is inspirational, and we eagerly anticipate the promising future ahead.”

Frashëri Law Firm was established with a strong international dimension, well known in Albania and abroad for its practice in professional legal services in domestic cases, and as a Corporate Services Provider. Its core focus is on rendering comprehensive services in litigation and dispute resolution, serving as a one-stop office for easy national or foreign company incorporation – as well as providing added business support for entrepreneurs and SMEs.

The Honourable Kastriot Frashëri is an experienced commercial, corporate, governance and regulatory lawyer, as well as a Recommended Attorney by Global Law Experts. He is the Founder and CEO of the firm, and leads its established and growing practice with an international network providing a full range of legal services to corporations, financial institutions and high-net-worth individuals in such industries as insurance, finance, luxury assets, energy and technology.

The minefield of advocacy in Albania today presents a multitude of challenges, which Mr. Frashëri is uniquely qualified to navigate. As a rule, around the world, the work of a lawyer is like that of a doctor towards his patient, which makes his role irreplaceable in society. Frashëri exalts these rules. He is a respected scholar and forward-thinker, having qualified in some of the world’s best universities.

The Frashëri Law Firm I SFAI Albania has often attracted the attention of interested parties inside and outside Albania as a partner to be relied on for its expertise.

Today, the firm is part of SFAI Global, an international network of legal professionals with more than 14,000 people in 115 countries, offering professional services in tax law, audit and accounting – to ISA and IAASB standards.

The Frashëri Law Firm is also the first and only law office in Albania to offer – since 2020 – services through AI, in the handling of client documentation and automating the generation, negotiation, review and analysis of contracts. As the sole custodian of an AI platform for the legal profession by Luminance, its clients save 85% of the standard operational time, as well as 80% of the financial burden. This is a great professional achievement, since Frashëri Law Firm can assist any interested entity in the process of concluding or revising contracts – thus avoiding or mitigating the loss of trials in courts, especially in international arbitration courts.


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