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Advantages of Doing Business in the UAE: How to Register a Company in the United Arab Emirates

posted 4 years ago

The United Arab Emirates is considered one of the most appealing jurisdictions for doing business and incorporating companies. The country attracts millions of businessmen, not only from the Middle East but from all over the world. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) leads the global finances, and there is a good reason for that.

This article will tell you about the company registration process in the UAE, the advantages of company incorporation there and also the peculiarities and requirements of doing business in the United Arab Emirates.

How does one register a UAE company?

The Emirates is the only “white” jurisdiction with perfect tax treatment and legislation conforming to all international standards. The UAE offers favorable business conditions to foreign investors:

  • advanced and innovative structure;
  • strong business reputation and financial system stability in the country;
  • reliable banking in the UAE;
  • the profit tax rate is 0%.

It is quite easy to register a company, keep accounts and work with banks in the Emirates. Having obtained your license and provided the bank with complete information about your business, you will be able to set up an account and launch your business quickly.

Do remember that all requirements must be met when incorporating a company in the UAE, opening accounts and receiving the necessary licenses. It is best to engage professionals who will help launch the UAE business and avoid issues in the future.

We at SBSB have the relevant resources and immense experience in incorporating companies in the UAE. We will help you register your UAE company and tell you all about the benefits, peculiarities, and requirements essential for doing business in the UAE.

Benefits of doing business and registering companies in the UAE

Arab Emirates is home to many large manufacturing companies, IT companies, and innovative laboratories and factories. Why is the UAE so appealing to businessmen?

  • The advanced innovative infrastructure makes any kind of activity possible in the UAE area. There are over 40 free zones in the United Arab Emirates. Free zones are separate economic districts in the UAE territory enabling overseas investors to do business in the UAE and enjoy any of the privileges stipulated by the Emirates legislation. The business-doing conditions you get depend on the free zone that you choose. Each free zone has its peculiarities, is suitable for specific types of activity and provides its residents with the relevant facilities.
  • Strong business reputation and financial system stability in the UAE open up immense opportunities for foreign investors. Arab companies are notable for their impeccable reputation since the UAE is not on any blacklist and confirms their white zone status each year.
  • Reliable UAE banking. Banking institutions in the Emirates are on the list of the strongest and most stable banking structures in the world. UAE banks offer their clients favorable terms to invest and improve their well-being while ensuring customer data confidentiality.
  • The Arab Emirates’ chief advantage is the tax-free treatment. The UAE is nicknamed the “tax heaven” for business. The profit tax rate in the Emirates is 0%. Furthermore, personal income is not subject to tax.
  • No automatic data exchange in the UAE. The Emirates has a closed company register so outsiders cannot find out the owner’s and beneficiary’s names or any identification data. For this level of confidentiality, one does not only need to register a company in the UAE but also receive tax residency.
  • It is possible to obtain a tax residency in the UAE. One can apply for the tax certificate after six months following the company launch and bank account opening. The availability of a tenancy agreement in the UAE is an essential condition for obtaining the certificate. Not every type of housing, however, fits the certificate requirements.

So, to comply with all the requirements and relevant conditions and effectively register a company in the UAE, it is best to entrust the task to professionals. The experts at SBSB International Legal Firm have an extensive portfolio of successful company registration abroad, including UAE. Our lawyers will advise you on all issues related to company incorporation in the UAE. Join our Telegram chat for free online consultations.


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