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Areej Abdul Rahman Hamada

  • Firm: Legal Challenges Group
  • Practice Area: International Contract
  • Country: Kuwait
  • Email: [email protected]
  • ALsanee Tower - Sharq, Area 8 - st. 154 - 11th floor, Kuwait

About Areej Abdul Rahman Hamada

Our office was established after the long experience we had in the field of law, which exceeded 19years (including 13 years as a lawyer at Ahli United Bank, one year in the governmental sector and 4 years in law offices).
Legal Challenges Group for legal advice, law practices and contract formation provides a range of legal and technical services through a group of lawyers, legal advisers and investment banking consultants who have expertise and competence.
Legal Challenges Group for legal counsel and law practices is one of the offices operating in accordance with the local law in Kuwait. It provides legal consultations and services in all legal fields including, but not limited to:
Advocacy before all courts of varying degrees in all fields: commercial, investment, banking, finance, foundation, contracts, industrial, real estate, administrative and arbitration disputes.
Legal Challenges Group for legal counsel and law practices provides the needed skill to his clients in the development of legal lines ranging from small cases to complex ones through mediation, arbitration or litigation.
Our office also helps clients in understanding and discussing all state laws in order for them to reach their requirements eventually. We also specialize in helping local or foreign investors realize their individual goals by listening to them and providing legal advice, which gives them the chance to meet such goals. In order to clarify and facilitate these goals, we edit the necessary documents and we discuss, review and draft all necessary contracts, whether they are contracts for companies, administration contracts employment, partnership, or credit contracts and commercial agencies and construction contracts.
Legal Challenges Group for legal counsel and law practices also provides all legal services related to bankruptcy and legal advice, including the response to liquidators, receptors, creditors and civilians in all cases of bankruptcy and debt rescheduling.
With regard to intellectual property, we clarify that we have specialists in the registration of intellectual property rights. The role of the Office in this area is as follows:
  • Trademark registration
  • Protecting Trademarks from Infringement
  • Patents
Legal Challenges Group for legal counsel and law practices provides high quality legal services in drafting and reviewing lease and trade agreements. In addition, we provide representation in disputes arising before the competent authorities, whether as representatives of properties or tenants.
Our office is distinguished in providing legal services and in communicating with the clients at the required level when dealing with any kind of issues through communicating electronically or in person (as agreed with the client). We also provide legal opinion and communication in the event of any developments in the subject by holding meetings to keep our client well informed with all the proceedings of the case. Our goal is to win the confidence of our clients and their satisfaction with the level of services we provide.
We also provide lectures, courses and educational meetings for the staffs in the facilities of our clients. We explain to them how to face and deal with the problems they might encounter during the course of work. Our office seeks to provide the best services related to the preparation and drafting of civil, commercial and administrative contracts.

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