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Veronique Haverhals-Hilders

  • Firm: RSH Relocation and Immigration Services
  • Practice Area: Relocation Advisory
  • Country: Netherlands
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Prinsessegracht 6, 2514 AN, The Hague

About Veronique Haverhals-Hilders

Relocation and Immigration Services
Veronique Haverhals-Hilders and her dedicated team at RSH eliminate the hassle out of relocating for businesses, allowing its clients to focus on starting their new life in a different country.
RSH Relocation and Immigration Services was established in 1985, making it one of the oldest relocation companies in The Netherlands. Having been in business for more than 30 years, RSH has built up a strong working relationship with all relevant Dutch institutions during that period.
The firm’s core business is to provide relocation and immigration services in The Netherlands.  It has positioned itself as a one-stop services provider, which also manages all immigration and relocation related enquiries.
Veronique Haverhals-Hilders acquired RSH in 2007. She has an extensive International Law and Real Estate background.  As such, the business was a perfect match, as well as a professional challenge. Veronique sets the scene for her business;
“Feeling at home in a country you’ve never lived in before is far from easy and will not happen overnight,” she begins. “Nevertheless, it will happen sooner than you thought possible if you find the right people to help you. Consultants at Relocation Services Holland are extremely dedicated to helping international assignees and their families adjust to their new country.”
 The Immigration Services branch is proud of their high standard of knowledge and professionalism. Furthermore we have well developed relationships with the Dutch authorities. These relationships facilitate the expediting of the immigration process. This includes organizing all visas necessary to bring the employee to the Netherlands and then all visas and resident/work permits necessary once the employee is here in the Netherlands (including renewals). We will guide each employee from the very first steps to be taken in their home country all the way through to when they finally arrive in Holland.
Relocation services include school searches, house searches, all required registration appointments, opening bank accounts, assistance with the 30 percent ruling, converting driver’s licenses, tax advice and much more. The firm operates as an in-house real estate broker, there are no third party real estate agents involved, resulting in reduced total housing search costs and improved service levels.
“We have set our mission to advise companies and assist their assignees in immigration and relocation with excellent service and high quality expertise, whilst helping to optimise associated costs,” explains Veronique. “Our services ease the Human Resource Department’s work load. We aim to remove all worries and concerns about the assignees’ immigration and destination processes.”
Whilst adapting to the continuous changes in immigration policy and the ways of doing business within different client companies, RSH has managed to maintain its high degree of quality results and client satisfaction.
“All our service quality processes are continuously monitored, our quality and processes handbooks are constantly up to date, and we work with a real-time tracking and monitoring system. Moreover, we maintain the strictest standards of confidentiality with the use of our uniquely developed e-safe; our clients’ privacy is guaranteed at all times.”
RSH is especially proud of its team of highly qualified professionals. The firm’s employees are carefully selected to satisfy strict professional and interpersonal personal standards and they are exclusively trained by and for RSH.
“Many of our staff members come from international backgrounds and several of them have lived and worked abroad,” states Veronique. “They can easily relate to the challenges that moving abroad may bring along. RSH has both a real estate in-house broker as well as a lawyers for immigration enquiries, and we train our staff on a regular basis on legal, technical and practical aspects, to ensure they are, and remain, all up to date.”
Veronique is particularly honored by  the qualifications that RSH has gained over the years. “We achieved the EuRA Global Quality Seal in 2009. RSH was recertified again in 2011, 2013, 2016 and in 2018. The EuRA Global Quality Seal is the world’s first accreditation program for relocation providers, based on an ISO 9001 process management model, that reflects our excellence in providing relocation services. In addition, we also qualify the general ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 this year”.
“We believe that the only way to achieve our high standards of service is through our excellent and dedicated team of professionals. Every day it is a pleasure to work with them in developing our business and staying as one of the best!”

Q&A With Veronique Haverhals-Hilders


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