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Caribbean Citizenship by Investment Programs

posted 2 years ago

The five Caribbean countries that offer Citizenship-by-Investment Programs (CIP) remain Antigua & BarbudaSt. Kitts & NevisGrenadaSt. Lucia, and Dominica.

All five rank high on people’s lists when considering CIPs, as they satisfy most key considerations. Here are the five main reasons international investors continue to choose Caribbean Citizenship by Investment programs:

Advantage of investment in Caribbean citizenship programs

  1. These Caribbean programs are the most affordable citizenship by investment programmes in the world
  2. Passports from these countries are very desirable
  3. Each of our five have a favourable tax regime
  4. All five countries host a safe environment, great education and healthcare systems as well as overall infrastructure
  5. Great lifestyle and high standard of living


These Caribbean programs are the most affordable in the world.
They usually require a donation or real estate investment in return for
allowing an applicant and qualifying family members to become citizens.

However, there are other key options they offer as well.

It is to note that both the real estate and donation options require the same documentation and will be processed in accordance with the same requirements and regulations. A common misconception that the donation option is quicker – is inaccurate.

To the notable exception of Antigua & Barbuda, the applicant and qualifying family members are not required to visit the country. Each program has its own details and complexities. Trusted lawyers will be able to advise on the most suitable options to meet your goals.


Passports from these countries are very desirable because they offer outstanding mobility and ease of travel, with no visa requirement or a visa on arrival to a very large number of countries.

These Caribbean countries continue to expand visa-free travel amongst other countries, demonstrating good international relations. Below is a list with the number of countries a passport holder can access visa-free or with a visa-upon-arrival:

  1. Antigua & Barbuda: 151
  2. St Kitts & Nevis: 162
  3. Grenada: 144
  4. St Lucia: 147
  5. Dominica: 145

Further, they all have a location that makes air access to the United States, Europe or Africa fairly easy. All have well regarded international airports and good transport infrastructure, with VC Bird Airport in Antigua and Maurice Bishop in Grenada the highest rated.

In respect of visas, Grenada, uniquely among this group, has an E-2 visa treaty with the United States, allowing individuals and families who have acquired citizenship after 5 years with a valid residency permit, to then apply for residency in the United States, provided they meet certain criteria.


To Varying degrees, each of our five have a favourable tax regime. In Antigua & Barbuda and in St. Kitts & Nevis, there are no personal income, inheritance, or wealth taxes. The other 3 countries still have attractive systems, though are slightly less laissez faire.


All five countries host a safe environment , great education and healthcare systems as well as overall infrastructure.
These citizenship-by-investment programs are renowned, efficient, and requirements are relatively simple. There is generally no language, education, or residency requirement, and, as previously mentioned all five programs provide extensive tax benefits.
Processing times are also comparatively fast, from 3 to 8 months.


Residency is generally not a requirement for the Caribbean Citizenship by Investment Programs, but if you do want to visit, all 5 countries enjoy warm, if somewhat humid weather, varying mostly from 23° to 32°C (74° to 90°F) year-round. Addressing the most common question and concern on hurricanes in the region, Dominica and Antigua who historically have been more vulnerable to hurricanes, have developed resilient restoration projects, such as climate-proof of buildings, an improvement on climate information systems to allow early action when faced with extreme climate events and post-disaster responses to power and water supplies, transportation, etc.

Whereas Grenada and St. Lucia have hardly been troubled in the last century. However, hurricanes only come between July and November and there is always ample warning.

All five Caribbean countries have beautiful beaches, luscious landscapes, and a host of leisure options, from water sports to golf.

Financially, living costs are much lower on all these islands than in Western Europe or the United States. From housing that is 35% (Antigua) to over 70% (St. Lucia) cheaper for comparable properties and facilities to everyday living costs ranging from 2% (St. Kitts) to 21% (Grenada) better. So, an income that may be merely comfortable in Europe or the United States often can support a more luxurious lifestyle on the islands.


For more information please visit our website – https://harveylawcorporation.com/citizenship-and-residency-news/



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