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Company Registration in Great Britain: a Perfect Platform for International Expansion

posted 5 years ago

You are investing a great amount of effort, time and money into your business to promote its growth. The undertaking might be generating good income but there is always room for perfection. So how about opening a company abroad? What is different about successful entrepreneurs, is that they are committed to entering new markets and setting up overseas companies. This is a great way to maximize one’s capital, expand the customer base and also find new investors and partners.

First and foremost, one needs to choose the region where the company will be launched. The UK ranks first in Europe in terms of foreign business presence so it is worth considering this location when planning to set up a company abroad.

The major advantages of launching a company in Great Britain include:

  • The country’s government provides comprehensive support to foreign businesses
  • A UK company enables access to new markets and an advanced business environment
  • Operations in the British market will help reinforce the brand’s reputation
  • Maintaining a company in the UK is not so expensive as it may seem

Companies with a British seat have long been recognized as an efficient tool in the domain of online commerce, FinTech, services and IT business. Many businessmen consider Great Britain a good launching site for further global expansion.

One of the newcomers on the British market that is worth mentioning is the mobile bank monobank. Ukraine’s first neobank started in 2017, and is now providing services to more than 1.5 million customers. A short while ago monobank’s team decided to take on the UK market and launch its virtual bank for the British under the brand name Koto. The company was granted a financial license by the British regulator this summer. The product that will be offered in Great Britain soon is quite similar to monobank. There are plans for Koto neobank to become available in other countries, and the British market would be the perfect launching site.

Launching a company in Great Britain may seem a complicated and costly process but we can prove this is not true.

SBSB Legal Firm offers a range of services associated with company registration abroad, and we also have a promotion in place for the moment. Our lawyers will help you start a British company with an account set up in the country of registration for as little as 1100 EUR. The promotion is valid till December 31, 2019.

For more information about the special offer visit https://sb-sb.com/en/. Contact us now and get your British company just in 3 weeks!



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