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"Digital Nomads” in Romania

posted 2 years ago

Law No. 22/2022 (hereinafter the “Law”) introduced beginning of this year the concept of “digital nomad” in Romania. Digital nomads are foreign citizens which have the right to temporary residence on the territory of Romania for the purpose of remote work for companies not established in Romania if they fulfill certain conditions.

“Digital nomad” under Romanian law

A digital nomad is a foreigner who

  • is an employee of a foreign company, not registered in Romania and providing services by means of information and communication technology, or
  • holds a company not registered in Romania and provides services by means of information and communication technology, which the respective person can provide remotely as an employee or through the company.

Defintion of “foreigner” under Romanian law

“Foreigners” are persons not holding the Romanian nationality or that of a member state of the EU or the European Economic Area or the Swiss Confederation.

Thus, targeted are only citizens of third-party countries and stateless persons.

Residence visa for digital nomads

Digital nomads residing in Romania can obtain a temporary residence visa and gain income as employee of the non-resident employer or from the own non-resident business by using information and communication technology.

For the residence visa, the digital nomad shall file evidence that

  • income in each of the last six months prior to the visa application as well as for the duration of the visa amounts to at least three Romanian average gross monthly salaries (currently RON 6,095);
  • the activities are provided remotely by means of information and communication technology.

Furthermore specific documents have to be filed with the application for a temporary residence visa. The residence permit explicitly mentions the term “digital nomad”.


The regulations target high earning third-country nationals and stateless persons.

However, the rules may also be of interest to non-resident companies (whether from or outside the EU, EEA or Switzerland) contracting services from digital nomads or their companies.

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