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Embracing the Use of Digital ID Cards

posted 1 year ago

Thai people can now access government services with their digital ID, thanks to Section 14 of the Digital Public Service Act B.E. 2565 (2022). To use this service, you are required to present a physical ID card to the registrar at any registration division of district office for verifying the information, and then you need to download the application, namely “D. DOPA”. The following is required to do:

  1. Select “self-registration” and accept the terms and conditions of the service;
  2. Submit a front and back of a physical ID card, verify the information and confirm;
  3. Take a selfie of your full face and confirm;
  4. Set the password; and
  5. Consent to upload the information and fill out a consent form under Personal Data Protection Act B.E. 2562(2019.).

The digital ID card is a useful and innovative way to verify a person’s identity quickly and securely. It eliminates the need for physical identification cards, which can easily be lost or stolen and keeps personal information safe from unauthorized access. With the digital ID card, users can authenticate their identity with a simple scan of their phones or other devices using biometric authentication such as facial recognition or fingerprint scanning. The system is also secure and reliable with data stored in an encrypted format that prevents tampering or manipulation. With this technology, businesses can quickly and efficiently verify one’s identity and streamline their operations. Additionally, the digital ID card can be used to improve customer services by providing quick and seamless access to information.

Author: Panisa Suwanmatajarn, Managing Partner.



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