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Golden Visa by Real Estate Investment. Now is the time to buy.

posted 1 year ago

Non EU citizens, who purchase Real Estate Property of a value over 250.000EUR, can acquire a Permanent Residence Permit in Greece and gain access to all the Schengen area countries. By making the Real Estate Investment, property owners can legally live in Greece and own their own companies as shareholders.

Now is the right time to buy Real Estate Property in Greece and obtain a Golden Visa. Greece currently offers unprecedented opportunities in the Real Estate Market, as prices are going to increase in the future. The prospective return is high at the time being, since the property prices show an important upward trend. You have the option to buy one or more that one real estate property of a total value over 250.000EUR, in order to obtain the Golden Visa. You may also obtain a monthly valuable income by renting your real estate properties.

Real estate is considered to be the most profitable industry to invest in Greece.

We offer one stop shop service to obtain the Golden Visa in Greece and buy real estate property. We consult and successfully guide you through the whole procedure.

When buying real estate property in Greece, the supervision by a specialist Greek Real Estate Investment Lawyer is extremely important, as Real Estate Law in Greece is complex and requires an independent, competent lawyer to search titles for defects or burdens, do due diligence checks, supervise, issue certificates, co-draft, transfer the property title and complete the process of buying property. Our extensive experience on the area of Greek Real Estate Law and Investment Migration Law & Procedure, can provide you with confidence, as you will be able to purchase the proper legal property – ownership title and a Permanent Residence Permit (Golden Visa) that will give you access to all Schengen countries. The Golden Visa Program in Greece is a great opportunity and one of the most  affordable Residence by investment programs in European Union. 





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