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GREEK CORPORATE BOND LOANS – An Invaluable Tool to Fund Strategic Investments!

posted 9 months ago

The Greek economy is steadily progressing towards achieving an investment grade. Indeed, investors, turning to our law firm team’s comprehensive expertise in bond loans, achieve their entry into the Greek investment scene in both innovative and traditional sectors.
Large and small and medium-sized enterprises use bond loans as a significant source of financing. Bond loans are regulated through a special and updated legislative regime established by the Greek legislator. The new regime, having become flexible through adapting to the European perspective, covers all the stages of a bond loan issue and regulates all the implications, incentives and rights of the stakeholders. As a specialized law firm, we are well-versed in these incentives and can help you leverage them to your advantage, maximizing the benefit for your company.
Our profound experience in this field gained through dedicating significant time and resources to acquire comprehensive knowledge and skills in this area, allows our highly skilled attorneys to guide you through every step of the process. Our legal services encompass a broad range of support over and above providing you with fundamental legal advice. From the initial structuring of the bond loan to drafting meticulous legal documentation, conducting thorough due diligence and negotiating favourable terms, our dedicated team offers assistance at every stage of the bond loan issuance. We are committed to reflecting the terms of the loan in such a manner that that they are comprehensible to prospective investors and that the financing of the company is ensured, but also, in the case of the convertible bond loan, that the balance of the rights of existing and potential shareholders is achieved.

We will walk you through the importance of identifying the most appropriate form of bond loan to address your organization’s short or long term financing needs. Having been acquainted with bond issuance by large banking institutions, we are fully equipped to negotiate in your interest and safeguard your rights against the issuing bank. The issuance of a bond loan is not impeded by the fact that an earlier bond loan has been previously covered by a banking institution. It is merely a matter of adequately negotiating the terms of the latter.

In conclusion, Greek Corporate Bond Loans stand as an invaluable tool to fund strategic investments that will propel Greece towards unprecedented growth and stability. By combining fiscal responsibility, transparency, and a commitment to sustainability, Greek enterprises can attract a diverse pool of investors and maximize the impact of these loans.

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