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Ahmed Yehia Hamdalla

  • Firm: SAT & Co.
  • Practice Area: Dispute Resolution
  • Country: United Arab Emirates
  • Email: [email protected]
  • #902, Mashreq Bank Global HQ, Umniyati Street, Dubai

About Ahmed Yehia Hamdalla

Ahmed, a Senior Associate, brings almost 10 years of experience in litigation in the GCC and the Middle East. He has successfully managed numerous local litigation cases, demonstrating expertise in various areas, including Civil, Commercial, and Real Estate matters. Ahmed has provided counsel to prominent government bodies and entities in highly sensitive fraud and forgery disputes. Furthermore, he has offered valuable guidance to clients involved in cross-border disputes and complex commercial matters, and he possesses extensive knowledge in the extradition of criminal cases. Ahmed also has a proven record of experience as a trainee, researcher, advocate and consultant, with a high ability to plan the strategy in complicated cases and find the solutions. Recently, Ahmed has crafted numerous legal opinions for international clients in highly sensitive disputes. Additionally, he collaborated with a team to produce a report as a legal expert, offering his insights on UAE civil and criminal law to assist the DIFC courts.

– Arabic
– English

– Lawyer before the Egyptian Bar Association.
– Legal Consultant in Dubai Legal Affairs Department.

Practice Area:

  • Civil disputes: Insurance disputes – Civil liability – Compensation claims – Contracts liability – Construction disputes – Contracts disputes.
  • Commercial: Commercial contracts – Distribution and Commercial Agencies – Cheques dispute – Commercial guarantees – Commercial selling disputes – Franchise dispute – Operator disputes.
  • Banking: Loans disputes – Letters of credits dispute – Responsibilities of the bank disputes regarding the forgery of the cheques and the wrong TT – Performance bond
    disputes – Documentary letter of credit disputes in the commercial relations (Local and international)
  • Real Estate: Property disputes – Using of the real estate’s disputes – Mortgage disputes – Selling the mortgage real estate disputes – Off-plan sale disputes – Developers disputes – Land lord committee disputes.
  • Corporate litigation: Corporate shares disputes – Profit disputes – Nominality contracts (side contracts) disputes – Corporate fraud disputes – Mangers liability disputes – Bankruptcy and liquidation – Mangers and Shareholders liabilities disputes.
  • Sharia Law: Inheritance – Guardianship – Custody – Validation of civil transactions – Will and all other disputes related to Sharia Law.
  • Execution disputes: All the execution procedures and the execution disputes related to the execution files.
  • Criminal cases: Extradition of criminals internationally – Financial fraud – Money laundering.

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