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Ahizar Baquero

About Ahizar Baquero

The firm stands out for its commitment to representing and advising companies with rigor, professionalism and discipline, qualities that have been fundamental pillars throughout its years of service. With the support of GCE Global , an international network with a presence in more than 125 countries , islands and territories around the world, it has the capacity to offer advice in all branches of law, both nationally and internationally.

The firm undertakes to:

  • Be the main legal advisor of your clients, ensuring the timeliness and quality of service.
  • Make a team of experts available to the client to address any legal needs that may arise in the normal course of their business.
  • Provide high-quality advice, where the client’s interests and needs prevail at all times as an integral part of GCE LEGAL.

The global evolution of “BUSINESS CONSULTING GROUP” and its acronym “GCE®”, leader in the area of ​​OUTSOURCING IN INTEGRAL BUSINESS MANAGEMENT, for companies worldwide.
We have established our own International Network of Partners in each Country. We are members of important associations of Public Accountants, Lawyers, Engineers, Administrators and specialists in business Marketing; In addition to having the support of expert professionals in different areas, we are in charge of EVALUATING your requirements and SOLVING them with the greatest possible diligence.
We have professional staff to advise you on the identification and formulation of Business Plans, Foreign Investment, National and International Representation, Accounting, Audit, Taxes, Expatriate Mobility, Global Payroll, Legal advice in Commercial, Labor and Civil supported in different ways of contracting, such as:
Joint Venture, Outsourcing and Offshoring, among others, which will help your company to strengthen and dedicate itself to its main objective without setbacks.
Our support allows clients to maximize their efforts and resources in pursuit of achieving the objectives set by the organizations, and in this way, we contribute to the resolution of administrative and economic conflicts; If you wish, we will be the right hand of your company and the decisions you make internally in all areas.

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