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Dr. Andre Sayatz

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Specialist Attorney for Employment Law
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Two things determine the mind frame and often the pioneering spirit of BMT. To begin, there is the commitment to perfection. Then there is the commitment to independence and individual performances. The latter manifests itself in the entrepreneurial concept of Büsing Müffelmann & Theye, which the legal work has carried with it since founding of the law firm in 1961.
With respect hereto, Dr. Herbert Müffelmann recalls, “Arthur Büsing, Joachim Theye and I – and those who followed us – were of a professional opinion that could best be summarised as follows: We wanted to practice the legal profession autonomously and as independently as possible. We wanted to primarily be active in an advisory function at a level that is as intelligent as possible for selected clients – companies and entrepreneurs, but also wealthy private people – in interesting legal fields. We wanted to do this in a circle of like-minded colleagues, to align ourselves in a professional community, but at the same time to retain our space and latitude, without which we could not imagine a successful form of legal work.”
As early as the 60s and 70s, this allowed BMT to develop into a magnet for eminent legal experts. Since then, these experts have been people who have a thorough command of their specialty area formed by knowledge and solid creativity, but for whom there is little desire to go about their tasks in a hierarchical construction featuring segmented workflows. BMT is different. BMT is more personal.
More than half of all BMT lawyers are partners. Clients very well know that their business with Büsing Müffelmann & Theye is always valued as an issue of management importance.
Naturally: BMT is also a part of a worldwide network allowing us to offer a number of wide-reaching, branched out possibilities to our clients who are globally active.
Otherwise, we see ourselves as being solely obligated to provide the best work possible to the benefit of our clients. Our tradition demands this of us. In its roughly fifty years of existence, BMT has accompanied many outstanding projects and developed cases of precedence. If you ever have developed an important set of rules with us or you have boxed your interests vis-à-vis other parties through with us, you may be confident in confirming the following:
Commitment is decisive.

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