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Licensing of Gambling Services: How does One Get a Gaming License in Curaçao?

posted 4 years ago

Growing at breakneck speed, the gambling industry attracts gamers with its multiple games, usability and real chances of hitting the jackpot.

According to Juniper Research forecasts, the online gaming industry will reach $1 trillion by 2021. This is a highly competitive market so entrepreneurs can never take a break in developing their businesses. Any businessman considering the gambling market faces the challenge of choosing a suitable country for company registration.

This article offers a detailed overview of what one needs to set up a successful online gaming business and also advice on the perfect jurisdiction for your company launch.

Why Obtain a Gambling License?

You are a business person looking to enter the gambling market and launch an efficient business. For your online gaming website to offer legal services to customers, you must have an online gaming license issued by the relevant licensing authority.

The license provides an assurance that transactions are secure, that customers will receive their money for sure and that the casino is not involved in fraud.

Therefore, you need to get a gambling license to establish a positive image for your casino and present it to the client as a reliable institution. The gambling license is a way to avoid issues with regulators and also to promote your company’s quick and high quality growth.

SBSB International Legal Firm has an extensive portfolio of successful gambling license issues. If you are considering creating a company with online gaming and casino operations, our experienced lawyers will be happy to give relevant advice.

A Gambling License in Curaçao — the Best Jurisdiction there is to Choose

Obtaining a gambling license is instrumental to operating online gaming and casino businesses. All businessmen planning to create their own company in this industry want the same thing: a quick, cheap and easy solution. But is there a license incorporating all of that and fitting for all types of gambling services? SBSB Legal Firm advises its customers to consider a gambling license in Curaçao, and here’s why.

Benefits of a Curaçao gambling license:

  • Highly streamlined and simple licensing process
  • Suitable for all types of gambling services
  • Fairly low cost of company incorporation
  • Quick launch
  • Minimum documents
  • RNG certificate confirming the fair play principle
  • Option to operate in the European markets

It is worth noting that over 70% of all globally known online casinos operate under a Curaçao license. This license is a token of customers’ respect and trust for the company. We at SBSB can offer you a number of ready-made solutions to obtain a gaming license in Curaçao. Besides, you can benefit from our current promo, saving money and time on getting the gambling license.

We will help tackle miscellaneous tasks, including company registration in Curaçao, corporate account opening, merchant account connection, submission of corporate financial statements, preparation of various contracts for your website etc. Do not hesitate to contact us now and get your Curaçao license and business in no time! Join our Telegram chat for free online consultations.



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