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Litigation – representation in court?

posted 5 years ago

Litigation – representation in court?
Litigation is the art of argument in the courts. The litigation sector has two types: civil litigation and civil litigation. Civil litigation also includes specialization in commercial litigation.
What is litigation?
Litigation in Hebrew is a legal name for the subject of plea in court, a role usually done by attorney.
Litigation is involved in the field of criminal and civil law. Civil litigation also includes specialization in commercial litigation.
The litigation field is relevant to any case that ultimately comes to a legal hearing, whether it is a court tribunal or any other judicial instance. A lawyer dealing with litigation must be proficient in the legal proceedings relevant to the judicial process.
In recent years, a trend has been defined in litigation, and many offices have established special departments in which lawyers specialize in litigation and representation in court.
Commercial litigation, civil and criminal
The litigation applies to the criminal law both on civil and commercial law and in fact relevant to any case that comes to a legal hearing whether the hearing will take place in court, in court, to a arbitrator, or to any other legal and criminal instance.
Commercial Litigation
Commercial litigation is a sub-domain of criminal and civil litigation and has taken great acceleration in 2010 in the establishment of the economic department of the Tel Aviv District Court (the financial court). The commercial litigation deals with criminal law and offences under the securities law, as well as civil proceedings relating to corporate law, administrative petitions against the Securities Authority and the Registrar of Companies, as well as appeals on decisions to discipline according to the counseling law.
Civil Litigation
Civil litigation means representing and appearing in a court in civil proceedings, including representation in proceedings relating to contracts and agreements, class actions, family law and divorce, libel, inheritance and wills, copyrights, torts, real estate, labor law, etc.
What is a lititration?
The role of the lititration (a lawyer specializing in litigation) first and foremost to persuade the court or legal court in the righteousness of his clients ‘ claims. To do this, the lithocolumn must be able to cope both in court and outside a court with a long series of tasks such as:
To learn the customer’s claims from the factual and legal standpoint;
In-depth knowledge of law, ruling and legal laws.
You have built a strategy and legal tactics in the case.
Coping with situations and provides an adequate and convincing response to both written and oral.
Investigation of witnesses in court.
The analysis of the allegations, the testimonies, and the reconditioning and their chances.
Adv. Liran Kolchinski-Lititur in the Civil and commercial field which handles complex disputes, which can lead to a quick solution of a few legal problems. Therefore, it is important to refer to the lawyer Vadim Liran Kolchinski, who can prevent the court from reaching and resolving the conflict between the parties. In general, a lawyer specializing in commercial litigation helps the customer operate in the most efficient and smartest way so that he can exercise the best interests of the client.
An experienced commercial litration will try to solve whether the other side of the conflict and bring it to a solution outside the court but sometimes there are special cases which the priority will be to arrive at the court.
Contact us today with the Kolchinski law firm and we will be happy to provide you with professional and comprehensive service.
Lawyer in court representation in Israel


posted 6 days ago


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