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Panasonic to Publish IP Database for More Licensing and Collaboration

posted 2 years ago

Do you want more IP seeds to meet your needs? Panasonic Holdings, a premier electronics company based in Osaka and with more than 100,000 live registered intellectual properties worldwide, has clearly shifted its policies for IP from closed to open strategy. This seems to fit the company’s early values and, hopefully, will help it and other businesses use ideas more strategically.

Panasonic Holdings has recently put forth its plans to offer its database of IP to the public—sometime in fiscal 2023, it intends. It hopes that rather than only dominating markets with patent power, it can make more progress through sharing seeds with other corporations and developing partnerships for business, using more of its untapped IP potential.[1] Panasonic’s goal is to move in a more synergistic way to tackle issues such as accomplishing carbon neutrality and more benefits to society.[2]

Matushita Konosuke, the legendary Founder and first President of Matsushita Electric Housewares Manufacturing Works, forerunner of Panasonic Group and Panasonic Holdings, asserted that corporations are tools for the good of the public and that corporations like his should seek to make technology as affordable and accessible as possible for the masses (“tap water philosophy”—make useful goods as cheap and common as water).[2]

Keep on the lookout for potentially more opportunities to use and develop technologies and products with Panasonic once its database is live. You might want to look into other open innovation opportunities in Japan, such as those offered by Mitsubishi Electric in 2021 and Kyocera in 2018.

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–Taro Yaguchi


[1] Nikkei Shimbun. “パナソニックHD、知財情報の検索システムを外部に公開 [Panasonic Holdings to publish its IP information database].” https://www.nikkei.com/article/DGXZQOUF142UT0U2A211C2000000/ December 14, 2022. Accessed January 17, 2023.

[2] Ohkawara Katsuyuki. “「パナソニック知財」の水道哲学、事業の優位確保から社会の課題解決へ転換する知財戦略 [Panasonic IP’s ‘tap water philosophy’ in shift of priorities from predominance to solving society’s problems].” Digital by MyNavi. https://news.mynavi.jp/article/newsinsight-193/ January 11, 2023. Accessed January 17, 2023.

Header image by Bruno/Germany from Pixabay


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