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G. Keith Still

  • Firm: GKStill International
  • Practice Area: Crowd Safety, Crowd Management & Crowd Risk Analysis Expert Witness
  • Country: England, United Kingdom
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Orchid House, 26 Morewood Drive, Burton-in-Kendal, Cumbria, LA6 1NE.

About G. Keith Still

“Salus populi suprema lex esto”  Marcus Tullius Cicero  
Latin “Let the safety of the people be the highest law”     
​Education and professional organisations
  • BSc in Physical Sciences (majoring in Physics)
  • PhD (Crowd Dynamics) Interdisciplinary Mathematics from Warwick University
  • Fellow of the Institute of Mathematics and its applications. (FIMA)
  • Former visiting Professor of Crowd Science – Bucks New University (2010 – 2016)
  • Regular Visiting Speaker at Easingwold (the UK Cabinet Office Emergency Planning College 1999 – 2014)
  • Member of Mensa for over 30 years
  • Fellow of the Institute of Civil Protection and Emergency Management (FICPEM)
  • Specialist Fellow of the International Institute of Risk and Safety Management (SFIIRSM)
  • Professor of Crowd Science – Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU 2014 – 2020)
  • Member of the Expert Witness Institute (MEWI until Nov 2020)
  • Fellow of the Institute of Place Management (FIPM)
  • Visiting Professor of Crowd Science at the University of Suffolk
  • Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (FHEA)
  • Member of the Academy of Experts (MEA)
Training and courses
Developed and delivered modules for the UK Cabinet Office Emergency Planning College training programs for Crowd Risk Analysis, Crowd Management, Crowd Dynamics, Crowd Science and the crowd elements of Public Safety at Sports Grounds, Public Safety at Festivals and Mass Gatherings and Public Safety in the Complex and Built Environment. Developed and taught modules for a Foundation Degree course, a BA (Honours) degree courses at Bucks New University. Author of “Introduction to Crowd Science” crowd safety in the built and complex environment. Developed and teaches a wide range of crowd safety and risk analysis short courses, taught around the world. Developed the MSc in Crowd Safety and Risk Analysis at Manchester Metropolitan University. Developed and teaches Public Event Commanders course (PEC’s) around the world. Note : The PEC’s course is mandatory training for all UK Public Event Commanders and is currently delivered in NSW (Australia) and Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel National Police Academy (Hyderabad, India).
Expert witness cases
  • (D) London, UK. Night club, overcrowding, report and court attendance
  • (P) London Underground, UK. Overcrowding, personal Injury, report and analysis
  • (E) Senate House Committee, USA. Capitol building evacuation, report and testimony
  • (P) New York State USA. Personal injury, report and analysis, court testimony
  • (D) Nottingham, UK. Crowd crush, fatalities, report and analysis
  • (P, J) Birmingham, UK. Crowd crush, personal injury, report and analysis
  • (E) Hillsborough Inquiry, UK. Mass fatalities, technical advisor, report and analysis
  • (P) Duisburg, Germany. Crowd crush, mass fatalities, report and analysis
  • (P) London, UK. Crowd crush, personal injury, report and analysis
  • (P) Chicago, USA. Crowd crush, personal injury, report and analysis, deposition
  • (P) Las Vegas, USA. Crowd incident, personal injury, report and analysis, deposition (17 cases)
  • (D) Memphis, USA. Crowded spaces, personal injury, report and analysis
  • (P) Scotland, UK. Crowd control, personal injury, report and analysis
  • (E) Durham, UK. Night club, fatality, report and analysis
  • (P, J) Victoria, Australia. Crowd crush, personal injury, report and analysis (Falls Festival)
  • (E) Florida, USA, Personal Injury
  • (E) NI, UK, Fatalities
  • (E) Florida, USA, Personal Injury (2)
(D)efence, (P)rosecution, (E)xpert advisor, (J)oint expert report
Legal – letters of reference – click to download a zipped file
Crowd Safety consulting experience (1989 – 2021)
Sports events
  • Sydney Olympics
  • Beijing Olympic Stadium
  • London Olympics
  • Twickenham (UK)
  • Swedbank Arena Project (Sweden)
  • Commonwealth Games (UK)
  • Millennium Stadium (UK)
  • Wembley Stadium (UK)
  • Football Licensing Authority Concourses (UK)
  • Hong Kong Jockey Club
  • Premier League Persistent Standing (modelling project)
  • Penn State (USA)
  • Everton Fan Zone (UK)
  • Etihad – Manchester City Stadium (UK)
  • Beşiktaş – Vodafone Arena (Turkey)
  • Liverpool Stadium
  • Murrayfield Stadium
Religious festivals
  • Jamarat Bridge, Saudi Arabia (2000 – 2005)
  • Al-Haram, Saudi Arabia (2006 – 2009)
  • Al Mashaaer Al Mugaddassah Metro Project bid Saudi Arabia
  • Diwali (Leicester)
Major events
  • Royal Wedding 2011
  • MCFC and MUFC Victory Parades, Manchester
  • Leicester Caribbean Carnival
  • Glastonbury Music Festival, UK
  • Hampton Court Flower Show
  • Great Manchester Run
  • London New Year Event
  • Aberdeen Hogmanay
  • Mathew Street Festival (Liverpool)
  • Gerrard Street Leg of the Olympic Torch Relay London Gold Standard Modelling
  • London Olympics
  • Penn Stadium (Nebraska v Penn State)
  • Lincoln Christmas Market
  • Birmingham Christmas Market
  • Kendal Torchlight Parade
  • T in the Park (Scotland)
  • Canada Day (Ottawa 2017 – 2021)
  • Dubai New Year
City centre and retail
  • Paradise Street Development Area, Liverpool
  • Jabal Omar Development (Makkah – Saudi Arabia)
  • Al Mashaaer Al Mugaddassah Metro Project bid Saudi Arabia
  • West Kowloon Cultural District Bid
  • Covent Garden Ticket Hall Retail Analysis
  • Westfield, Olympic Park (London)
  • Austin, Texas (SXSW)
  • Lincoln Christmas Market
  • Birmingham Christmas Market
  • Kendal Torchlight Parade
  • Manchester Arena
  • EMAAR – Dubai Mall – UAE
  • Royal Festival Hall (London)
  • Canada Day (Ottawa)
  • Dubai New Year Events
  • Canada Day (Ottawa 2019 – 2021)
  • Toronto (Metrolinx)
Festivals and street events
  • Glastonbury Festival
  • Chelsea Flower Show
  • Hampton Court Flower Show
  • Great Manchester Run
  • Lincoln Christmas Market
  • London New Year Event
  • Aberdeen Hogmanay – New Year Event
  • Mathew Street Festival (Liverpool)
  • Lewes Fireworks
  • Aberdeen Fireworks
  • Gerrard Street Leg of the Olympic Torch Relay London Gold Standard Modelling (Beijing Torch Relay)
  • Royal Parks (London)
  • Austin, Texas (SXSW)
  • T in the Park
  • Kendal Torchlight Parade
  • Royal Festival Hall (London)
  • Protest March (Manchester – police planning)
  • Dubai New Year
  • Canada Day (Ottawa 2019 – 2021)
  • Cubic Transportation Ltd
  • Easingwold training courses (London Underground Limited, British Transport Police),
  • London Olympic 2012 bid
  • Dwell Modelling – Alstom, Porterbrook, Bombardier, Interfleet
  • Wembley Complex Station (Marshalling Study)
  • Chesterfield Railway Station
  • Covent Garden Ticket Hall Retail Analysis
  • Westfield (Olympics Gateway)
  • Dubai Mall (New Year Events)
  • Toronto Metrolinx
  • Canada Day (Ottawa – OCTranspo)
  • Kuala Lumpur Conference Centre Aquarium
  • Cleethorpes Outdoor Arena Development
  • Manchester Museum
  • NAA (National Arenas Association)
  • Liverpool Arena and Conference Centre
  • Premier League (UK Football) – Safety in Stands (Modelling project)
  • Royal Parks (London)
  • Manchester Arena
  • Royal Festival Hall (London)
  • Dubai Mall – New Year
  • Canary Wharf (London Financial District)
  • Chelsea Flower Show
  • Labour Party Conferences
  • Amsterdam Police
  • Barclays Bank
  • Manchester Sport City
  • Swedbank Arena Concourses
  • AWE Aldermaston (Public Enquiry)
  • Bluewater shopping mall,
  • Westfield (Olympics gateway)
  • Kendal Torchlight Parade
  • Manchester Arena
  • Beşiktaş – Vodafone Arena (Turkey)
  • Dubai Mall – New Year
Courses and Workshops
  • UK Cabinet Office, Emergency Planning College (1999 – 2014)
  • Institute of Leisure & Amenity Management
  • Amsterdam Police
  • Leicester City Council
  • Nottingham City Council
  • N.E. Lincolnshire City Council
  • Norway, Sector Protection
  • Sweden, Crowd Dynamics and Safety at Festival and Mass Gatherings
  • Cleethorpes, Outdoor Arena Development
  • Wembley Stadium Complex
  • Salford City Council
  • Met. Police CO11 Crowd Dynamics Training
  • Liverpool Arena and Conference Centre
  • Australia, Melbourne Police
  • Saudi Arabia, Jeddah (Jamarat Bridge, Mina and the Holy Mosque Al-Haram, Makkah)
  • Windsor – Royal Events
  • USA, Washington DC. (Evacuation Planning)
  • Austin, Texas (SXSW)
  • Portugal, Lisbon (CEPOL)
  • Sussex Police workshop (Olympic Torch Relay)
  • Aberdeen Police/City Council
  • Institute of Licensing (Manchester and Camden workshop)
  • Bristol City Council
  • Edgbaston Cricket
  • Hampden Park
  • Birmingham City Council
  • Lancashire Country Cricket Club
  • Lancaster City Centre
  • Sydney (Police College)
  • Sydney (Premiers Department)
  • Institute of Licensing
  • Manchester Arena
  • ESI – Holland (Phillips Stadium)
  • Australian workshop tour – Perth, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane
  • Sydney Opera House
  • Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (Penrith)
  • Dubai Mall – EMAAR – UAE
  • Tomorrow Land (Belgium)
  • ESI – Utrecht (Holland)
  • Dublin – Fingal County Council
  • Canada – Ottawa and Edmonton
  • USA – NCS4
  • Melbourne Cricket Ground
  • Royal Festival Hall (London)
  • Dublin (Marathon)
  • Ottawa (Canada Day)
  • Calgary (Stampede)
  • New Zealand (Auckland)
  • Safe Events (Dublin)
  • Belgium (Police Training College)
  • Leicester police (King Power Stadium)
  • Dublin (Fingal County Council – Dublin Marathon)
  • UK Football Policing Unit – Croydon
  • Torono (with Sword Security)
  • Dublin (Fingal County Counci – Dublin Marathon)
  • Toronto Metrolinx
  • Edmonton (Commonwealth Stadium), Canada
  • Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel National Police Academy (Hyderabad – 2018-2021)
Client Quotes
  • “Prof.  Dr. Still’s qualifications are unimpeachable. Once they learned of his involvement as an expert witness in the case my opposing counsel decided they would not take his deposition as it would be nearly impossible to refute his opinions. They also realized that the experts that they had hired had obtained most of their expertise from studying Prof. Dr. Still’s publications and research in the field of crowd safety.” Raymond R. Dieppa. FLORIDA LEGAL, LLC.
  • “Dr. Still was able to analyse the planning and layout of the concert and determine that the concert promoter had deviated from the life safety plan without notifying the proper authorities. Shortly after receiving Dr. Still’s report the defendants elected to settle the case.” Raymond R. Dieppa. FLORIDA LEGAL, LLC.
  • We have great respect for the decades you have spent researching and expanding the bounds of crowd science.  So many of the enhanced crowd risk analysis techniques used today are from your pioneering work. NCS4 University of Southern Mississippi
  •  “Professor Still is the world’s leading expert in crowd science. His first book on the subject is the foundation for an entire industry. This book develops his work even further and by using the contents and frameworks contained within this latest fantastic piece of work organisers around the world will make their mass gatherings safer. For all crowd science and crowd safety practitioners make sure this book is top of your reading list as we move into a post covid world.” D. Smyth, Founder and CEO of the Sword Group.
  • The Australian Graduate School of Policing and Security, Charles Sturt University, Australia has delivered the Mid-Career Training Programme (Phase III) for over 10 years. As the Co-Director of the programme, aimed at Senior Indian Police Officers and held at the National Police Academy, Hyderabad, India, I needed someone who could teach the higher echelon of the Indian Police Service about the science behind crowd management. Now the Indian Officers know a thing or two about dealing with crowds, or at least they have copious experience of doing so. Of course, experience and expertise are two very different things. Thankfully, several years ago, Professor G. Keith Still agreed to impart his phenomenal knowledge on dealing with crowds to the course and his presentation has since become a key feature. It is safe to say that Keith is one of, if not the world leader in defining the considerations relating to potential crowded places, planned or otherwise. One can only speculate as to the thousands of lives that have been saved due to Keith’s work and not one of those individuals realises. On behalf of all those who have unwittingly survived and will continue to do so in the future because police, planners and governments have taken heed of Keith’s work, I express the utmost gratitude for his passion and willingness to share his wisdom. Graham M Sunderland QPM, MA

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