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Vietnam Visa Exemption for EU Would Bring Major Benefits

posted 7 months ago

All EU members are keen to full tap into the great potential of the EU-Vietnam economic relationship. Vietnam visa exemption for European Union (EU) citizens has emerged as a significant development that promises substantial benefits. This policy change allows EU travelers to visit Vietnam without the need for a visa, thereby eliminating bureaucratic procedures and providing greater flexibility for tourists and business travelers alike. The convenience offered by this visa exemption is expected to attract a surge in European tourists, promoting cultural exchange, boosting the tourism industry, and enhancing economic ties between Vietnam and the EU.


Vietnam’s recent visa reforms have included extending the validity period of e-visas and the duration of visa-free stays. This has been recognized as a critical step. However, currently, only 7 EU members are exempt from visas, which poses a challenge for European businesses and travelers wishing to visit Vietnam. In order to capitalize on the economic boost that visitors can bring in the post-pandemic era, EuroCham believes that now is the perfect time for Vietnam to expand visa exemptions to all EU member states. This important step would enhance the effectiveness of Vietnam-EU cooperation and unlock a wide range of benefits, including in the areas of tourism, trade, investment, and cultural exchange.

Benefits from the visa exemption for the expanded market

  1. Tourism attractions
  2. Trade and investment

  3. Partnership and Workforce

Benefits that foreigners can take advantage of when EU-Vietnam relations are strengthened


Increased Market Access: 

Visa exemptions for the entirety of the EU would significantly enhance market access for foreign investors. This means that investors would have the opportunity to freely travel and establish business connections throughout the EU member countries without the need for a visa, streamlining the investment process.

Expansion of Investment Opportunities: 

Access to the EU without visa restrictions would create a level playing field for foreign investors. This would result in increased investment opportunities across various industries and sectors within the EU, allowing investors to diversify their portfolios and explore new markets.

Enhanced Financial Stability: 

Visa exemptions can foster financial stability by attracting more foreign investors to the EU. The ability to freely travel between EU member countries would allow investors to closely monitor their investments, attend meetings, and develop relationships with local partners without the burden of visa limitations. This stability can lead to more sustainable growth and increased investor confidence.

Increased Capital Inflows: 

The removal of visa requirements would likely attract a larger inflow of capital from foreign investors into the EU. Simplified travel processes make it easier for investors to allocate resources efficiently, contribute to economic growth, and generate additional revenue for both the investor and the EU economy.

Streamlined Cross-Border Transactions:

Visa exemptions would facilitate smoother cross-border transactions. Investors would be able to engage in business activities seamlessly, negotiate contracts, and finalize transactions without the complications associated with visa requirements, thereby improving the overall efficiency of international business operations.


Overall, the Vietnam visa exemption for the EU is poised to bring about major advantages for both sides, consolidating bilateral relations and forging stronger bonds in various domains.

For the full detail of this post, please reference on this link: http://hmlf.vn/vietnam-visa-exemption-for-eu-would-being-major-benefits/

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