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Who and How Applies to Consumers in Uzbekistan

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Who and How Applies to Consumers in Uzbekistan

posted 4 months ago

According to the information service of the Committee for the Development of Competition and Consumer Protection, a number of basic consumer rights include the right to choose, the right to safety, the right to information, the right to be heard.

These rights include the right to damages, the right to consumer education; the right to meet basic needs, a healthy environment, etc.

Every year, the World Consumers Union dedicates a certain topic to this date. For example, in 2023, March 15 is held under the motto “Empowering consumers through the transition to the consumption of environmentally friendly energy and products.”

The World Consumer Rights Protection Day has been celebrated in Uzbekistan since the adoption of the law “On Consumer Rights Protection” in our country, more precisely, since April 26, 1996.

Since the beginning of 2023, the Committee has carried out the following activities in the field of consumer protection and regulation of the advertising market:

Based on the conducted systematic studies on the protection of the rights of an indefinite circle of consumers and received appeals, it was found that a total of 3,259,111 consumers were damaged in the amount of 75,600.6 million soms, and as a result of the recalculation of funds in the amount of 60,609.9 million soms, the rights of 2,133,721 consumers were restored. Measures are being taken to recalculate the remaining funds to consumers and restore their rights. In particular: during the reporting period, the Committee and its territorial branches received 25,644 appeals from consumers (in 2021 – 26,249) regarding violations of their rights and interests.

Of these, 10,277 (40.1 percent) appeals related to housing and communal services and transport services, 9,596 (37.4 percent) related to trade and public catering, 4,415 (17.2 percent) related to communications, finance and social services, and 1,356 (5.3 percent) related to advertising relations and other issues.



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